• Porto (Portugal)CESPU - Polytechnic and University Higher Education Cooperative

    The history of this cooperative may be characterized by pioneering spirit, innovation, sustained growth, faithfulness to the principle of specialization, internationalization of European vocation, strong component of social and humanitarian support for the provision of health services and the pursuit of global quality.

  • Coimbra (Portugal)ESEnfC - Nursing Higher Education of Coimbra

    heir to the most ancient nursing training in Portugal, is a nationally and internationally recognised public institution due to its quality and innovation, with a recognised intervention in the health system and in the society. Its educative community is committed with the humanist, scientific, technical and cultural training of socially recognised professionals, the promotion of accredited research, the dissemination of knowledge and the provision of services.

  • Coimbra (Portugal)IPC - Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra

    Established in 1979, the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra is a Public Higher Education Institution located in the West centre of Portugal, in the city known for centuries as the “city of students”.

    One of the ten largest and major institutions of public higher education in Portugal, with six units.

  • Porto (Portugal)IPP - Polytechnic Institute of Porto

    The mission of P.PORTO is to create and further knowledge, science, technology and culture, and to provide students with technical, scientific, artistic and transverse skills that articulate knowledge and action, so as to become the agent of transformation at home and abroad, and through intervention contribute to the wise development of society.

  • Setubal (Portugal)IPS - Polytechnic Institute of Setubal

    IPS Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, Portugal is a public institution of higher education, which employs approximately 650 personnel and has app. 6 500 students.

  • Viseu (Portugal)IPV - Polytechnic of Viseu

    It is an institution of higher education whose objectives are the high level qualification, the production, and diffusion of the knowledge, as well as the cultural, artistic, technological and scientific formation of its students, in an international frame of reference.

  • Lisboa (Portugal)ISG - Business & Economics School

    ISG Business and Economics School imposes itself since 1978 as a school of reference in the context of teaching management in Portugal. Among business schools, the project ISG stands out for its innovative multidisciplinary training, tailored to the real needs of the labour market.

  • Porto (Portugal)PBS - Porto Business School

    Institution with unique characteristics, resulting from the way the school was born, fruit of the collaboration with Portuguese companies.

    Empower people to think critically and find their own solutions; identify future challenges; creating different scenarios and rethinking strategies.

  • PortugalPolytechnic Institute of Santarém

    Is an institution destined to the production and diffusion of the knowledge, creation, transmission and diffusion of the knowledge of professional nature, Science, technology, the arts, guided research and experimental development.

  • Leiria (Portugal)Polytechnic of Leiria

    The Polytechnic of Leiria is a public higher education institution characterized by innovation, quality and applied research. It is located in the coastal center of Portugal, in a region with a high quality of life and safety, fostering a close connection with companies and society. It welcomes students from over 75 nationalities for undergraduate and master's degrees. Possibility of scholarships.

  • Porto (Portugal)Portucalense University

    The UPT aims to assert itself as a paradigm in higher education for its innovative interdisciplinary offer, taking advantage of the synergies of its departments. In a Europe whose concern is lifelong learning, UPT is a University of parents and children, contributing to Portugal becoming a knowledge-based, competitive and dynamic economy with more and better jobs and social cohesion.

  • Lisboa (Portugal)Portuguese Catholic University

    It is a university of humanist matrix focused on the production of transformative research and the formation of citizens and professionals capable of anticipating and leading the transformations of the future. Translating their values, affirming their ambition without neglecting social responsibility and the common good.

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